Brickhead EARTH

Brickhead EARTH – Burning Man 2015

Monumental ceramic brick sculpture with interactive sound and light elements.

A giant human head, over eight feet tall, the single word EARTH etched across the front.

First stop – The Playa at Burning Man 2015 with its 60,000 projected art enthusiasts!

bke 2


A personification of humankind. A visual representation of homo sapiens,

as we exist in the world today, with all of our remarkable variation and beauty.

Brickhead EARTH is all of us.



Why the word EARTH?

Earth. Our Earth…our  one and only planet.  Pollution, global warming, rising seas,

war, disease, bigotry, greed and corruption.

We must all join together and speak out for change.

bke 3

What are the interactive SOUNDS?

A ‘Biophone’ of nature.

Birds, mammals, insects, tree frogs. Day chirpers and night peepers calling through the wind and rain.

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And that is just the beginning.

Brickhead EARTH \Global

Sites of environmental concern are envisioned for Brickhead EARTH placements around the globe.

Brickhead EARTH glacier_edited-1

brickheadearteverywhere BP Oil Spill_


Fast eroding eastern edge of Bhola Is, Bangladesh.



















































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