The works of James Tyler strive to create a global vision of art. Part of an exciting new direction that may sweep the art world into the next century. Stylistically Tyler’s works are evocative of the pre–Columbian terra-cottas of the ancient Americas . Yet his figures revel in a motion and rhythm that is perhaps more reminiscent of the sculptural heritages of the east. Stamped with an unmistakable deific quality, Tyler’s figures are also very human, voluptuously rounded thighs and torsos complement their ethereal nature with a marked physicality. It is through pose and gesture, rather than detailed realism that Tyler seeks to capture and convey the human experience.

Dena Merriam- Sculpture Review Magazine   [excerpt]

phillipe milesPhillipe and Miles  – Ceramic sculptures – Heights 36″ and  66″ – 2005    [ Private collection – Provincetown, MA ]

29 - Three MarshalsThree Marshals – Life size ceramic sculptures – Height 40″ – 2005    [Private collection – New York, NY]

Sierra Exif JPEGCiro  – Life size ceramic sculpture- Height 36″ – 2006    [Private collection]

Sierra Exif JPEGJulliette– Life size ceramic sculpture – Height 33″ – 2007    [Private collection]

daniel adj

Daniel – Ceramic brick sculpture  – Height 60″ – 2005    [ Private Collection – Washington DC ]

Toshiba Digital CameraMira – Ceramic brick sculpture  – Height 30″- 2006    [Private collection]

Sierra Exif JPEGKatia and Guillermo – Life size ceramic sculpture – Height 34″ – 2006    [Private collection]

aleena 3Aleena– Life size ceramic sculpture – Height 34″ – 2006    [Private collection – Nyack, NY]


oksana closeOksana – ceramic sculpture – Height 28″ – 2004  [Collection of the Indiana State Museum -Indianapolis, IN]